Tartiflette. Tartiflette (French pronunciation: [taʁtiˈflɛt]) is a dish from Savoy in the Alps. It is made with potatoes, reblochon cheese, lardons and onions. The word tartiflette is probably derived from the Arpitan word for potato, tartiflâ. " This modern recipe was inspired by a truly traditional dish called "péla": a gratin of potatoes and onions (without cheese) in a long-handled pan called a.


The recipe was a great success. The name "tartiflette" may have been derived from the Piedmontese word for potato "tartiflâ". While the potatoes are boiling, heat the oil in a large frying pan. Une douce et simple recette avec quelques ingrédients. Tartiflette sont vraiment très faciles à cuisiner. En utilisant 5 ingrédients et 3 ÉTAPE. Voici la recette (plus simple qu’il n’y paraît) en pas-à-pas, à réaliser avec l’assistance de votre robot cuisinier.


  1. Tu dois of pomme de terre(cuite à l’eau).
  2. C’est of lardon.
  3. Tu dois of oignon émincé.
  4. C’est of reblochon.
  5. Préparer of Sel et poivre.

Heat the butter in a skillet over medium heat. Tartiflette is a cheesy French potato casserole, slathered in a cheesy cream sauce, dotted with crispy bacon, and topped with baked with typically Reblochon Cheese on top. It's typically served as a main course "apres-ski" but I think it makes for a fabulous holiday side dish. Tartiflette Tartiflette au reblochon Tartiflette (d'une vraie savoyarde) Pizza tartiflette Tartiflette aux endives Tartiflette de poireaux Ma tartiflette revisitée tartiflette au munster Extra Tartiflette Tartiflette au camembert Tarte tartiflette Tartiflette à l'espagnole Quiche à la tartiflette This hearty Tartiflette recipe from chef Steve Groves is a combination of onions, potatoes, bacon, cream and Reblochon cheese.

Tartiflette l’instruction

  1. Découper les pomme de terre en rondelles, les déposer dans un plat puis assaisonner..
  2. Cuire les lardons à la poêle, puis les disposer sur les pomme de terre, ainsi que les oignons..
  3. Découper le reblochon, et le mettre sur le plat. Enfourner 20 min à 180 degrés.

Hailing from Savoy in the French Alps, it's an incredible dish to serve in cold weather (or if you're in the mood for something rich and filling). Feel free to replace some of the cream with crème fraiche if you're after a lighter finish. This potato recipe is based on tartiflette, a Savoy dish Waxy potatoes are simmered with white wine, onion and lardons, then smothered with a heady cheese like reblochon and baked until bubbly and brown I varied mine, adding thyme and using an aromatic cow's milk cheese, Hooligan, from Cato Corner Farm's stand at the Union Square Greenmarket. Build the tartiflette in layers: a layer of potatoes on the bottom, then a layer of the fried onion and lardon mixture, then another layer of potatoes. Spread the crème fraiche over the top and.

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